A Breath of Relief: Essential Oils and their Role in managing Anxiety

People are looking for holistic solutions to achieve comfort and peace in a world where stress and worry have virtually become synonymous with everyday existence. Utilising essential oils to relieve anxiety is one solution that has seen a lot of success. Herbal Healing’s therapeutic blends of essential oils, which come from the abundance of nature, have the capacity to reduce symptoms of anxiety and positively aid to reduce the impact on mental health. 

In this article, we’ll delve into the world of essential oils, learn how essential oils for anxiety can support and aid us, and examine how they’re essential to aid in reducing the impact of this common problem.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of plants that include medicinal properties and fragrant ingredients. Since they have the ability to enhance both physical and mental well-being, these oils have been utilised for centuries by many different shamans and practitioners. Our essential oils provide a safe and gentle method of managing specific conditions such as anxiety and are designed to treat the whole person as a form of holistic treatment.

The Science Behind the Aroma Science

Essential oils are used for alleviating anxiety as a known form of treat commonly known as aromatherapy.  This is the practice of using essential oils to improve emotional and physical well-being. The olfactory system, which is directly connected to the emotional centre of the brain, is affected by the aroma of essential oils as they are breathed in or applied to the skin. Essential oil blends are a perfect aid for managing anxiety, since it may set off a chain of events that affect mood, emotions, and even physiological processes and responses.

Herbal Healing’s Essential Oils: Nature’s Soothing Balms and blends


      • Lavender: The Universal Calmer

    It’s well known that lavender essential oil is vital for reducing anxiety. Our soothing anxiety roll-on has a delicate floral scent and is recognized for its capacity to promote relaxation and lessen anxiety. Lavender essential oil is a  useful supplement for anxiety, calming and soothing and aiding in deep sleep and when inhaling the scent of lavender in oils, helps calm, lower stress and anxiety levels.


        • Geranium: Balancing Harmony

      Geranium essential oil stands out among nature’s calming elixirs for its particular capacity to promote emotional equilibrium. Our Soothing anxiety balm has geranium oil in it, which has a soft floral aroma and is well-recognized for relaxing the nervous system. Its aroma has the capacity to calm the mind and boost the soul. 


          • Bergamot: Sunlight in a Citrus Scent

        Bergamot essential oil is an effective essential oil for anxiety because of its vivacious and uplifting fragrance. Stress reduction and mood enhancement are also possible benefits of its zesty smell. Our Soothing anxiety massage oil has bergamot oil ingredients in it and is used by customers as massage therapy in the evening, to aid in having a deep and peaceful sleep.


            • Cedar Wood – Staying Grounded

          Cedar Wood is extremely beneficial in enhancing skin and remedying stress and anxiety.

          Incorporating Herbal Healing’s Essential Oils into managing Anxiety 

          Topical Application: Topical application is another way to use essential oils and balms to their full potential. Blended essential oils are used topically to pulse points or tense regions to relieve both physical and mental discomfort. This close touch with the skin enables absorption and a quicker effect.

          Inhalation Methods: The pleasant aroma of our essential oils is immediately effective when inhaling the scents.  You can take deep breaths while applying a few drops of the selected oil on a tissue, cotton ball, or even your hands. Place two drops of essential oil into your palm, rub your hands together and bring up to your nose.  Take a deep breath and inhale the beautiful and yet therapeutic properties of the oils.   

          This approach is easy and applied anytime you need to soothe your anxiety.

          Are you ready to lift your self care routine?

          Essential oils are an all-natural product to help find relief in a world where worry and overwhelm are rampant. Herbal Healing soothing balms or our Gold Serums with therapeutic properties will help to calm the mind, unwind the body, and encourage emotional stability. 

          Among the various blended essential oils, lavender,bergamot, and cedarwood can be particularly helpful in soothing symptoms of anxiety. 

          Self care treatment for a calmer, more centred and balanced approach to life.

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