Welcome to Herbal Healing New Zealand!

At Herbal Healing, I believe nature holds the key to optimal health and well-being. I am passionate about utilizing plant medicine and natural remedies to support vibrant health, radiant wellness, and your self-healing journey.

My story

“Herbal Healing began with a deep-rooted love for plants and their incredible healing properties. I witnessed three of my family members endure prolonged periods of stress and anxiety, eventually resulting in serious, fatal health issues.

This experience has been a strong driver in formulating and offering essential oils with
therapeutic elements to support people through stressful times. My aim is to minimise the symptoms of prolonged stress and anxiety and reduce the impact of the creating disease in the body.

I am an advocate of natural, organic, herbal, and plant-based medicines.  I myself have recovered from a diagnosis of breast cancer, with extremely positive results.

It was my ability from previous training around the world, with different shamans, natural medicine teachers, learning about plant-based medicines and natural healing that enabled me move through this part of my life and recover. 

I embarked on a mission to bring the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine to the modern
world, where synthetic drugs often dominate. I wanted to provide a natural alternative, one that respects the body & innate ability to heal itself.

Through study, exploration, and collaboration with others, I’ve curated a collection of high-quality essential oil blends, teas and herbal products that are designed to nourish, soothe, calm, restore, and invigorate.

I source my ingredients ethically, and only use therapeutic, high grade, organic oils and
herbal formulas.”

Eloise Tzimas – founder

My commitment

My commitment is to provide you with essential oil blends and natural remedies that are safe, effective, and meticulously crafted. We understand that every individual is unique, and that’s why you’ll find a wide range of products tailored to assist you. Whether you are seeking support for immune health, digestive health with our teas, soothing anxiety with our Calm Collection or simply looking to enhance your overall vitality, we have a solution for you.

Our values

I believe that empowering our customers with knowledge about herbs, natural remedies and essential oils of their healing properties is key to our customers making informed decisions about their well-being. You’ll find a wealth of information in our free resources page, including articles, guides, and resources to help.

Be radiant

We strive to bring positivity, expansion, and wellness to your life through our essential, everyday use, products

Love our environment

At our core, we are deeply committed to the environment, and we actively work towards sustainable practices and eco-friendly solutions to ensure a greener and healthier planet for future generations

Heal with plant medicine

We believe in the transformative power of plant medicine, harnessing the natural healing properties of plants to promote well-being, balance, and harmony, connecting people with the gifts of nature for a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.

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