Harnessing Nature’s Healing Botanicals for Restorative Sleep

We all know that quality sleep is the foundation for overall health and wellbeing. Whilst all stages of sleep are necessary for good health, deep sleep specifically offers specific physical and mental benefits.

According to The Sleep Foundation, your body releases growth hormone during deep sleep that works to build and repair muscles, bones, and tissue. Deep sleep also promotes:

  • immune system functioning
  • slow-wave sleep may be important for regulating glucose metabolism 
  • Deep sleep is important for cognitive function and memory, and it is thought to play a role in language learning, motor skills, and the developing brain.

Throughout the day, you receive information inputs that strengthen the synapses, or points of communication, in the networks of your brain. However, your brain cannot take on information continually without rest.

In our fast paced lives, often juggling many balls, many of us suffer from tension, restless minds, and depletion of the nervous system – preventing the deep delta sleep we need to heal and renew.

This can be due to a number of factors that prevent the body and mind from fully relaxing into more restorative phases.

  1. Stress is one of the biggest barriers to deep sleep – when we feel anxious, overwhelmed, or have racing thoughts, it’s nearly impossible to deeply unwind.
  2.  People who have poor sleep habits like irregular schedules or screen time before bed, make it harder to progress smoothly through each cycle.
  3. Underlying health conditions can also interrupt deep sleep; issues like chronic pain, reflux, depression and sleep disorders all disrupt various brain waves and cycles.
  4. Certain medications have this affect as well.
  5. Even shifts in hormones, like menopause, and environmental factors like light, noise, and temperature changes can prevent us from feeling secure enough to settle into the deepest stages.

As quality of deep sleep is impacted, negatively impacted are focus, memory, weight, immunity, mood and inflammation levels can increase.

Prioritising restorative deep sleep is key for wellbeing. If you struggle to reach those crucial deepest stages each night, here is a potent essential oil blend in a spray bottle that supports deep, deep sleep.

Lavender – The floral lavender aroma and properties have a soothing, calming effect on the nerves. This helps relax both body and mind so you can fall into deeper sleep.

Cedar wood – The warm, woody scent of cedar wood triggers a feeling of comfort and peace. This allows your mind and body to more easily unwind into a restful state.

Geranium – Geranium has a gently uplifting floral scent that eases anxiety and worry. This calming effect prepares both mind and body for restful sleep.

Ylang Ylang – The sweet, floral aroma of ylang ylang acts as a mild sedative. It lowers blood pressure and reduces hyper arousal so you can relax into deep sleep.

Herbal Healinhg’s  Therapeutic Deep Sleep Spray combines these essential oils with sedative benefits into an organic, and therapeutic blend carefully crafted to work synergistically – calming mind, body and reducing restlessness so you easily transition into deep delta sleep.

As you prepare for bed, shake bottle before use to activate precious plant medicine. Spray 2 pumps onto pillow and 2 pumps into room’s air to surround yourself with serene aroma as you drift into tranquil, restorative slumber. Experience the renewing sleep you’ve been missing and awake energised and alert.

This product will be launching early 2024. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook or sign up for our email list to be the first to know when our Deep Sleep Spray hits the shelves!

Until then, here is a guided meditation to help ease restlessness.

Sweet dreams!

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