As humans we are consistently exposed to stressful events or experience anxiety at times due to different pressures and events we encounter on a day to day basis.

Stress appears in many different forms and can impact individuals differently, with different symptoms  based on the strength and optimal health of an individual’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state.


What happens to our body when under stress? How does stress affect the human body?  In this blog I’ll outline the impact on our physical body and continue the next blog with how stress impacts our emotional and mental bodies.

Some symptoms you might have experienced, or have seen others experience.

  • Our Brain can have difficulty concentrating, can activate different hormones based on the stressor event. 
  • We become more anxious as our nervous system is activated by the signals from the brain [fight or flight] and over a sustained period of stress, our brain begins to experience “brain fog”,  mental instability which can activate our emotional responses.
  • Stress impacts our cardiovascular system and can increase the chances of higher cholesterol, high blood pressure, and increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Stress impacts our joints and muscles as well.  We can experience a tightening of muscles due to stress, where tension can be carried, therefore joints and muscles increase the risk of inflammation, tension, aches and pains due to muscle tightness.   This can lead to diminished capacity of your back support system and begin to impact flexibility within the body.
  • The body immune system becomes compromised resulting in lowered immune defenses, increased risk of becoming ill, catching viruses, and increasing the time it takes to recover.  
  • Stress impacts our Skin with possible results of hair loss, dull or brittle hair, brittle nails, dry skin and delayed tissue repair.  Skins sores are common where there is prolonged stress and can be inflamed and weepy.
  • Our Gut – Our second brain.   When under stress our nutrient absorption diminishes, the digestive and elimination systems can in turn become constipated or have loose stools. Stress symptoms can be indigestion, bloating of the stomach, even pain and discomfort.
  • Our Reproductive system – Prolonged stress can decrease hormone product, decrease libido, and increase PMS symptoms for women.
Here are some suggestions to strengthen your physical body and minimise the impact of stress.
Source an immune boosting natural product that you can take in a smoothie or a drink.   I recommend the following:
  • Cordyceps Medicinal Mushroom herb: Cordyceps is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to tonify and strengthen the Lungs, nourish and fortify the Kidneys, and enhance general health and wellbeing. Strengthens your immune system by building strength in your kidneys.
  • Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which means it can decrease stress levels. Stress lowers your immune response and makes the body vulnerable to viral infections. Ashwagandha is perhaps best known for its stress-relieving properties. Several studies highlight this advantage, observing ashwagandha’s ability to decrease stress and anxiety levels significantly. 

    • Increase muscle strength.  Researchers continue to study ashwagandha’s efficacy in improving strength and muscle size. One study found participants experienced increased speed and strength. Another study observed an increase in muscle power, alongside a lower body fat percentage and reduced cholesterol levels when ashwagandha was consumed.  [Study by Bindiya Gandhi, M.D. Intergrative Medicine].

    • Sharpens Memory and Focus. Ashwagandha may help improve cognition, memory and the ability to perform motor responses after instruction. Small studies have found that, compared to a placebo, ashwagandha significantly improved participants’ reaction times during cognition and psycho-motor tests (which measure the ability to respond to instructions and perform an indicated action).
  • Yoga: Yoga is known to help with minimising stress, relieving anxiety, calming the mind, and for your physical body, flexibility, and relief from muscle tension.  An incredibly potent health practice which can easily completed at home.
  • Meditation: An extremely beneficial health practice, that results in benefits such as:
    • Gaining a different perspective on stressful situations.
    • Calm the mind to manage your stress.
    • Increase self-awareness, where you can focus on the present.
    • Reduce negative emotions.
    • Increase the power of imagination and creativity.
    • Increase patience and tolerance through calming the mind and body.
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