How to help manage anxiety and stress

What is anxiety ?

The most common condition in today’s current global climate. Research continues to show proven statistics that the effects of prolonged and continued stress can lead to more serious mental, physical and emotional issues.

Long term anxiety causes fatigue due to adrenals pumping out cortisol which can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome,  a result of prolonged stressed condition).

Without a strategy to control and minimize effects on our internal nervous systems, the outcomes can manifest more serious conditions such as:

  • chronic fatigue or periods of fatigue,
  • irritability,
  • loss of focus and
  • concentration and escalate to illness.



We are now experiencing an explosion of workplace stress as we continue to battle COVID and a massive shortage of people for job. 

This causes a flow-on affect of high intensity activity and expectations to deliver in roles, increased overwhelm, doing more with less resource and working to tight deadlines. Heightened overload can result in significant negative impact on the adrenal and nervous systems with serious implications. 

The key is to be aware of your stressor response, introduce strategies to manage it early, before burnout or illness and manage external events to minimise impact.

Stress, overload and burn out are common trends in the workplace, and whilst we are moving out of the 2 year COVID experience, individuals are still experiencing the after effects of this global event.

Organisations are now changing their response to stressed employees, and are introducing a number of initiative that help to manage stress, and balance wellbeing and work.  

Herbal Healing products, are designed to assist with minimising and soothing the nervous system at times of increased stress and anxiety.    #reduceanxiety #reducestress #mentalhealth

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