How to minimise anxiety and stress in a world of constant change

Change is here to stay

As I work with individuals and groups, I hear people sighing when they hear – we need to change the way we work, or continue to change to become stronger.

I think change as a word creates a perception instilled from old beliefs and programming.  When it comes to changing how we as individuals show up,  it can typically bring rise to individuals being resistant to any form of change.  Change means to move out of your comfort zone and move into a zone of discomfort to move forward.  So could we be using the wrong word?

Having spent 1000’s of hours coaching and mentoring individuals, it is clear that we need to reframe the perspective to understand that “change is nothing more than the process for growth, expansion and evolution with the intention of become more self-empowered, effective, aware and successful”,


People are often willing to change, and at the same time frightened and resist change.  We have an automatic response that change can be dangerous to our safety.  Our primal brain instantly activates a fight or flight response, which then triggers our perception and thinking of the change,  sending messages through the endocrine system to the  nervous system, heightening our emotional and physical response,  resulting in feelings of anxiety and heightened levels of stress.

Anxiety or panic is driven by an individual’s thinking in response to mild fear.  An individual’s awareness and acknowledgement of their frame of reference and perception to change, is critical to enable and implement some self-care strategies that manage stress and anxiety.

To minimise the impact of long term or negative stressor events, it’s important to have a toolbox of strategies and products that support your four bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spirit/soul bodies as part of your self-care kit.

A self-care first aid kit is essential to reducing the impact of anxiety and stress.

Herbal Healing Calm range of products assist with minimising and soothing the nervous system at times of  stress and anxiety.     A potent formula of therapeutic essential oils that are known to relieve anxiety by soothing the nervous system. Aromatic Lavender, Bergamot and Geranium therapeutic Oils.   A must for your self-care first aid kit.

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