Mother's Day Gift Set

Order this beautiful gift set of Massage Oil [100ml] and Soothing Balm [30gm] jar, and 10ml Roll-on in a beautiful wrapped gift box.


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Provides instant relief and restores calm within the nervous system.  Opens up your airways and lungs to minimise hyperventilating.


 Geranium has a stabilising effect on hormonal and stress-related conditions. Restores balance and a sense of stability during times of stress and swings of mood and energy. Its calming and uplifting action helps to ease nervous tension and irritability.


It is used for anxiety, mental alertness and reduces feelings of stress. It is also purifying and cleansing for the skin while having a calming effect. Organic Carrier – Shea Butter

Mother’s Day Gift Set Special

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Only $66.45!

To celebrate the woman in our lives that show us the way,  give her the gift of love and self care by gifting her this special Gift Set. 

A beautiful gift set of a range of Calm Products, of

  • 100ml Bottle of Massage Oil
  • 30gm Jar of Soothing Anxiety Balm
  • 10ml Roll-on bottle [for her handbag]

A beautiful, and aromatic blend of essential oils of Lavender, Geranium and Bergamot that calm the nervous system, relaxes and restores.

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Our community

"The balm provided us with calmness and relief whilst feeling anxious and stressed about work and big projects. We would recommend the balm to people who are in similar situations as us and people who might need a little help with daunting everyday tasks."

Karlos and Georgia

Hamilton, NZ

"The benefits have been amazing, I’m able to sleep straight away because I feel soothed and settled. Highly recommend this product to any professionals who want to get a good night’s sleep and anybody who’s suffering from general life anxieties. Give it a go!!"


Auckland, NZ

"What I love about this balm is that is feels and smells just beautiful especially with the fresh lavender.It immediately calms me with a sense of peace. Highly recommend this to anyone to try this product especially if you're looking for a natural option."


Auckland, NZ

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