Candle – Trio Gift Pack

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Our beautiful Mini Candle Trio Gift Pack is perfect for that special person or if you can’t decide on which of our 3 Essential Oil Blend candles to try. Each candle last

Soothing Anxiety Calm Blend: Coconut wax, Essential Oils and Soy-free wick. Base Note: Cedar Wood. Mid Notes: Lavender, and Bergamot. Top Note: Geranium
Energise – Uplift Blend: . Base Note: Vetiver. Mid Notes: Black Spruce, Rosemary. Top Note: Bergamot, Peppermint
Grounded Blend – Stablise and balance energy. Base Note: Atlas Cedar. Mid Notes: Black Spruce, Scotch Pine. Top Note: Bergamot

In Coconut wax, Essential Oils and Soy-free wick.


NZ Made

Cruelty free

100% Organic

Soothing Anxiety Blend:  Experience tranquillity with our beautiful blend of therapeutic essential oils to aid creating a calm and peaceful environment in your home.   Infused with a blend of essential oils known for their soothing properties, this highly aromatic candle is unique in its ability to support your wellness. We believe in creating a positive sensory experience in your home.   Allergan free and created for everyone.

Energise Blend – Supports and aids Hormonal Balance for women going through the menopause cycle.  A special blend for awakening and alertness. Designed to revive and stimulate mind and body, which aids and supports mental clarity and focus at night for late night study, working a long night ahead and or creating an atmosphere of high energy, and fun for in home parties and functions.

Grounded Blend: This blend specifically formulated to help with emotional and hormonal systems and promotes a sense of centering, calm and focus.  Instills a sense of rooted-ness and stability when feeling disconnected from your body.  Perfect to use after a long yoga session to stimulate your mind and can also be used immediately after meditating to bring you back into your body.


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