Grounded Blend Candle

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This blend of therapeutic, organic essential oils is a unique blend specifically formulated to help with emotional and hormonal systems The blend promotes a sense of centering, calm, focus and instils a sense of rootedness when feeling disconnected from your body.  Perfect to use after a long yoga session to stimulate your mind and can also be used immediately after meditating to bring you back into your body.


Coconut wax, Essential Oils and Soy-free wick.

Base Note: Atlas Cedar
Mid Notes: Black Spruce, Scotch Pine
Top Note: Bergamot

  • Large candle – burn time up to 60 HRS / 265G
  • Medium candle – burn time up to 35 HRS / 170G
  • Mini candle – burn time up to 10 HRS / 60G


NZ Made

Cruelty free

100% Organic

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3 reviews for Grounded Blend Candle

  1. Diane Richards

    My grounded candle I have in the family room and it sets the scene for a balanced environment..

  2. Anastasia

    It’s like a soothing earthy embrace. Light it up, and you’ll feel instantly centered and calm.

  3. alison

    its a beautiful and light scent which makes me feel instantly more centered in the middle of a busy day

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