Therapeutic Deep Sleep Spray

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Deep sleep blend. Soothes, Relaxes, Calms the mind.

Lavender Hydrosol Spray Carrier: Organic Essential Oils of Lavender – The floral lavender aroma and properties have a soothing, calming effect on the nerves. This helps relax both body and mind so you can fall into deeper sleep. Cedar wood – The warm, woody scent of cedar wood triggers a feeling of comfort and peace. This allows your mind and body to more easily unwind into a restful state. Geranium – Geranium has a gently uplifting floral scent that eases anxiety and worry. This calming effect prepares both mind and body for restful sleep. Ylang Ylang – The sweet, floral aroma of ylang ylang acts as a mild sedative. It lowers blood pressure and reduces hyper arousal so you can relax into deep sleep.
Shake bottle before spraying. Spray two pumps directly onto pillow and two pumps into air.

New Zealand:
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Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Spot test recommended


NZ Made

Cruelty free

100% Organic

Why is the Therapeutic Sleep Spray so good?


50ml, 100ml

6 reviews for Therapeutic Deep Sleep Spray

  1. Georgia

    Love this sleep spray, I use it most nights and have the best sleep

  2. Tracey

    I must say, I love, love, LOVE this spray – it has been an absolute god send for me.

    As someone who has struggled with occasional insomnia and restless nights, finding a product that truly helps me relax and drift off to sleep peacefully has been a game-changer.

    The spray is easy to use – just a few spritzes on my pillow and sheets before bedtime, and I immediately feel a sense of calm washing over me.

  3. Anne Anderson (verified owner)

    I have been using this spray for the last month. The scent is gorgeous and soothing. My biggest problem has always been falling asleep, since using the spray I have noticed that I drift off to sleep easily. I would definitely recommend you try it for yourself.

  4. Rustica

    I am a self confessed data geek and use an Oura ring to track my health data. The first night I used the sleep spray my heart rate variability doubled (a very good thing) . I use it every night , and my daughter now does too. It signals the start of my sleep readiness. I love it and my daughter tells me it’s even better than the body shop one! Thank you Eloise for what you do!

  5. DeniseW

    This spray has been working like a dream for me! When I need a bit more help to get to sleep, this spray supports me in a few ways. Now that I’ve learned that the aroma pleasantly invites and assists with a good nights sleep, even the action of spraying my bedding and the initial whiff of the aroma works like a trigger that says sleep is on its way. It’s also helped family and friends when they’ve stayed.

  6. Nicola McFall

    Sleep Spray does really work!!!
    I’ve been taking Sleep spray for a month and have significantly improved my sleep quality. In pre-menopause, I was waking up often throughout the night. But after starting to use the sleep spray, my night wakings have greatly reduced, and I’ve started experiencing dreams, a sign of deeper sleep that I hadn’t achieved in years.
    Thanks Nicky

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