Three potent herbs that relieve your nervous system from stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can affect anyone, at anytime activated by any event.   An extremely common and increasing dis-eased condition across the planet.   Here are some facts on the

Anxiety and Stress statistics: one-fifth of adults experienced an stress or anxiety disorder in the past year.  Statistics 2022

  • Anxiety disorders in teens are relatively common. Anxiety disorders in adolescents, based on age, are as follows: Age 13–14: 31.4 percent : Age 15–16: 32.1 percent : Age 17–18: 32.3 percent.
  • In the past year [2021-2022], 23.4 percent of women experienced an anxiety disorder, compared to 14.3 percent of men.

Stress events happen all the time.  We are exposed to different events on a daily basis in life.  How we manage ourselves in response to these events, is the most critical aspect of being in control of our wellbeing.  How we approach self-care has a significant impact on our energy, mental wellbeing, physical and emotional wellbeing.  To assist with supporting your wellbeing, we firstly need to understand, how our body responds to stress and next how we can manage these every day stressor events.   Why is this important? 


When our body encounters something foreign in its environment, it needs to be able to mount an immune response to that substance to protect itself.  To do that, it needs to know what is self, to response to non-self or the foreign entity in your body.   If there is a failure to recognise some part of self, this results in the potential to create serious consequences within the body which impacts your wellbeing.  


Two triggers that activate a response from your nervous system and immune system can be stress and alcohol.   Stress is a symptom of an overloaded nervous system, or a heightened response to danger, which can be in many forms.  Typically stressor events such as; lack of money, overload from work pressures, relationship stress, death of a loved one to name a few.   Our nervous systems responds to signals from our brain, typically as a fight or flight response to danger or pain.    When we are confronted with stressful events, we are also responding emotionally, and with that, we can use alcohol as a way of managing our emotions to stress, numbing any emotional response  and sometimes drinking excessively to completely dimmish the capacity to rebalance your nervous systems, emotional and immune system.


Stress hormones kick into gear and respond to signals from the hypothalamus and pituitary glands which pump out high levels of stress hormone cortisol.    The body’s nervous and para-sympathetic nervous system responsible for heart rate and breathing, shifts into overdrive. Your heart beats faster, blood pressure rises and your lungs begin to hyperventilate.  With extreme stress, sweating can increase.  


In the event of long-term stress, the immune system begins to weaken and your nervous systems begins to become fragile, and eventually can lead to a nervous breakdown.


Here are 3 herbs that help with managing stress:.


  1. Cordyceps Medicinal Mushroom herb: Cordyceps is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to tonify and strengthen the Lungs, nourish and fortify the Kidneys, and enhance general health and wellbeing. Strengthens your immune system but building strength in your kidneys.

It’s an immunological powerhouse and a great herb to strengthen our capacity for the ultimate source of life and energy – the breath.

  1. Lavender Herb plant:   A renowned herb that provides instant relief to the sympathetic nervous and para-sympathetic nervous systems and can be accessed in many different forms.  Can be applied through a Calm Range of products, designed to restore calm with the nervous system, open up your airways and lungs to manage hyperventilating. 
  2. Bergamot : It is used for anxiety, mental alertness and many other conditions, and Geranium:  Geranium has a stabilising effect on hormonal and stress-related conditions. Geranium really shines as a nervous system tonic, helping restore balance and a sense of stability during times of stress and swings of mood and energy. Its calming and uplifting action helps to ease nervous tension and irritability, instilling a sense of steadiness and strength


Our Calm range of products, are essential to have in your self-care first aid kit at home and at the office.


Natural, organic, therapeutic products.

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