Energise Blend Roll-on

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This therapeutic, organic essential oils blend is Ideal when experiencing low levels of energy, struggling with mental clarity, alertness and feeling fatigued. 

A special blend for awakening and alertness.   Designed to revive and stimulate mind and body. Use whenever you need an energy boost in the middle of the afternoon.  Great at night for that extra boost when going out on the town or when there is a long night ahead with work or study.

Natural, organic and extremely safe. 

Ingredients: Organic Essential Oils, Organic Jojoba Oil Carrier in Roll-on
Base Note: Vetiver
Mid Notes: Black Spruce, Rosemary
Top Note: Bergamot, Peppermint
Vetiver: is recommended during menopause and premenstrual times to aid hormonal and emotional balance. Use when a cooling effect is desired. Black Spruce is a lovely tonic to revive a fatigued body and mind. Rosemary is one of the best tonics for the central nervous system, because it acts as a brain stimulant and has a long history of improving the memory. Peppermint is capable of greatly impacting mood and performance. Specifically, peppermint increases memory and alertness and decreases anxiety and fatigue. Bergamot is a primary oil for the nervous system, uplifting and calming. It can lighten and refresh when feeling angry or frustrated,
Roll-on: Handy and convenient. Apply on wrists, top lip under nose and breathe in, temples and back of neck. Leave in handbag, or pocket for use anytime, anywhere

New Zealand:
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Cautions These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.For medical advice please seek the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner before using. Please spot test on skin prior to full application. Not suitable during pregnancy or when lactating. For external use only. Dilution is for adults over 12years of age.


NZ Made

Cruelty free

100% Organic


50ml, 10ml

1 review for Energise Blend Roll-on

  1. Karlos

    This product has replaced my afternoon coffee. This is my favourite product from the Herbal Healing range, it keeps me going through out the day and it also smells amazing. The roll on is the perfect size to carry in my pocket for travel.

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